Donate Scrap

Do you or your company throw away clean and useful waste that could be re-used?

​We welcome donations from local businesses.

Scrap Magic recycles waste from individuals and businesses in Bradford that can be re-used for arts, crafts and play. We are looking for any waste that is unusual, versatile, colourful, clean and safe.

Below we have described the types of waste and scrap we typically reuse. If you have something that we have not listed but you think may be ideal, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


We also want bankrupt, promotional items and redundant stock of any type that we can pass on without these items going to landfill.

Please contact us if you have items to donate or would like to know more.

We accept a wide variety of materials including:

  • Fabric offcuts and samples, carpet pieces and samples

  • Any plastic shapes, off-cuts and production scrap

  • Yarns, thread, ribbons and buttons

  • Plastic and wood - offcuts and sheets

  • Packaging, tubes and containers

  • Rolls and reams of paper and card

  • Plastic Drums

  • Reels and cones of any size or material as long as they are in good condition.

  • Stationery of any kind such as pens, rubber bands, mosaic tiles, boxes and containers, rosettes, sticky-back vinyl

  • In-store and shop window retail merchandising

  • Vinyl, holographic, acrylic sheet

  • Redundant or rejected stock, items (we are able to de-brand items)


Anything, which is brightly coloured, has a high value for crafts and play!

Please remember scrap must be clean and safe for us to reuse it.

Use our flyer for business donors to share with your friends and family;

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